Audio, music and movies

The Sound Library has audio files with music and interviews.
Ísmús is a database on Icelandic music and musical heritage.

Audio and movies in the library can be found using the catalog at These can be accessed on-site in the audiovisual collection on the 4th floor. The Icelandic Music Museum and the Oral History Archives are also located on the 4th floor. Electronic access to most of what is available in the Sound Library is restricted to on-site use, except those materials that are out of copyright.



Since 1977 the library has been a legal deposit library for sound (music and audiobooks) published in Iceland. A large collection of older material is also available. The oldest record is from 1910. The library has collected foreign publications involving Icelandic artists. The library also has a collection of music by famous composers. Records and CDs are availabla for on-site use only.



DVDs and tapes published in Iceland have been conserved in the library since 2003. The library also has a large collection of classic movies and documentaries. These are available for on-site use only.

Facebook page of the audiovisual collectionThe audiovisual collection has its own Facebook-page.

The Music Collection

The Icelandic Music Collection collects information and items related to music in Iceland, Icelandic music culture and heritage. The collection supports research into Icelandic musical heritage. It was founded in 2009 and became a part of the National and University Library in 2017.

The Oral History Archives

The Oral History Archives are a collection and research center for oral history. Its role is to collect and conserve oral sources on the history of Iceland and Icelanders. The archives support the teaching and use of oral history as a method of historical inquiry. A number of interviews contained in the archives are available through the Sound Library.