Find journals - SFX

The journal registry of the National and University Library of Iceland links to some 20,000 electronic journals, i.e. both those available under the country-wide subscription (see and those subscribed to by the library and open-access journals found online. Access to journals subscribed to by the library is limited to the network of the University of Iceland. The registry also contains information about print journals the library subscribes to.


Digitised journals - Icelandic

The web provides open access to electronic images of over 1000 journals and newspapers from Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands dating from the 17th century till just two years ago, including most of the 20th century Icelandic national press. Article-level lookup is available for some of the journals and a powerful full-text search of the OCRed text is possible for all of them.

Print journals - Icelandic and foreign

The library acquires some 900 titles in printed form. Some of these are also available in electronic form on computers using the network of the University of Iceland. Journals printed in iceland are deposited at the library and can be found in the reading room on the 1st floor and in the journal collection on the 3rd floor. Information about these journals can be found in the national OPAC at along with information about journals in 200 Icelandic libraries.