The National and University Library of Iceland is the library of the University of Iceland and provides its students and faculty with library services. The service to the university is governed by a special contract between the two institutions.

Students at the University of Iceland enjoy certain privileges at the library according to this contract. They have priority to the reading facilities and the small meeting rooms during exams and they get their library cards for free. They also get a 50% discount on various paid services at the library, such as interlibrary loans, rented facilities etc (cfr. the library pricelist).

Submission of theses

Undergraduate and graduate students hand in their final assignment in electronic form in Skemman, the university's electronic repository.

Theses are saved on PDF format and archived in Skemman. Along with the thesis you need to submit the declaration of access. Print it out, sign, and scan. The declaration must be signed to be approved. Then you can submit it with the thesis in step 2. Make sure you have the final version of the thesis before you submit it.

You can find more detailed instructions here.

Library branches

The library has a branch in Lögberg (law) in the University of Iceland. In addition to reading facilities there is a collection of works for on-site and off-site use.

Distance learning

University students that attend via distance learning facilities have the same rights to library services as other students and the library attempts to provide them with the same level of service. Distance learning students outside of the capital area can get books sent via land mail where the library pays for delivery one way. Requests for books can be sent via email to or by contacting the lending department, tel. 525 5681. For loans it is necessary to have a valid library card issued to university students for free.