The National and University Library is an independent university institution under the authority of the Minister of Education, Science and Culture.

National Librarian since 1st of April 2007
Ingibjörg Steinunn Sverrisdóttir
MA degree in Library and Information Science and MPA in Public Administration

Library Board
Chairman: Ágústa Guðmundsdóttir

Elín Soffía Ólafsdóttir, University of Iceland
Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson, University of Iceland
Sveinn Ólafsson, The Icelandic Library and Information Science Association
Kristín Svavarsdóttir, Science and Technology Policy Council
Hrafn Loftsson, committee of collaboration at the university level
Rósa Bjarnadóttir, staff representative

Executive Board
The Executive Board consists of the National Librarian and heads of departments. It supervises the library´s affairs and discusses decisions that need to be taken.

Organisational Chart (click for a larger image):