International Collaboration

The National and University Library of Iceland is involved in many international collaboration projects and is a member of several organisations in relation to its complex roles. This is a listing of some of the major organisations and projects the library is involved in:

ARLIS/Norden - art libraries in the Nordic Countries

The organisation was founded in 1986 and is a member of the Section of Art Libraries department within IFLA.

CDNL - Conference of Directors of National Libraries

CDNL is an informal organisation which organises one yearly meeting in conjunction with the yearly IFLA-conference.

CENL - Conference of European National Librarians

Organisation formed in 1987 with 48 participating nations. The organisation organises one yearly conference and is involved in the creation of The European Library among other things.

European Digital Library

The EDL-project is based on The European Library and is hosted by CENL. Its purpose is to provide access to the digital resources of national libraries in Europe through one portal.


The European Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural Heritage (ENRICH) is a project which purpose is to provide access to digital photographs of some of the treasures conserved in various European cultural institutions using one virtual environment, with a focus on manuscripts, rare documents and incunabula.

IAML - International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres

The organisation was formed in 1951 to facilitate collaboration between music libraries. The National and University Library of Iceland became a member in 1995.

IASA - International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives

IASA was founded within UNESCO in 1969 to increase collaboration between institutions conserving audiovisual material. The National and University Library of Iceland became a member in 1996.

IASA Nordic Branch

The Nordic Countries within IASA aim to organise a meeting every three years. The last meeting was held in 2003.

IATUL - International Association of Technological University Libraries

Membership in IATUL is individual. The national librarian is a member on behalf of the National and University Library of Iceland.

IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

The IFLA is a global organisation of libraries founded in Edinburgh in 1927. Currently there are 1700 member institutions in 150 countries. The National and University Library of Iceland became a formal member in 1997.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number

The National and University Library of Iceland runs the national office for ISBN-numbers since 1990.

ISSN - International Standard Serial Number

The National and University Library of Iceland runs the national office for ISSN-numbers since 2001.

IIPC - International Internet Preservation Consortium

The National and University Library of Iceland was a founding member of the IIPC in 2003. Currently there are 40 members consisting of national libraries and the Internet Archive among others.


Nordisk/Baltisk Samkatalog for Periodika (NOSP) is a Nordic union catalog for periodicals founded in Finland in 1977. The catalog contains information on periodicals in some 1000 libraries in the Nordic and Baltic Countries.


NORDBIB is a development project started in 2003 by Nordforsk within the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its purpose is to sponsor information technology projects within Nordic research libraries. The project is currently managed by NORON.

NORON - meetings of national and state librarians in the Nordic Countries

The national librarians of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and the directors of library services in Denmark, Norway and Sweden meet twice a year within NORON. Recently NORON has assumed management of NORDBIB.

Liber - Ligue des bibliothèques européennes de recherche

Liber is an association of European research libraries founded in 1971.


RILM Abstracts of Music Literature was founded in 1966. Its purpose is to maintain a database with music information which now contains over half a million documents.