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Austrið er rautt (The East is Red) - magazine of the Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society

The Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society,  KIM, was founded in Reykjavík 20 October 1953. The society promotes relations between Iceland and the Chinese in the fields of culture and art. It is independent of the government, both domestically and in China and is a non-political association of persons interested in the cultural relations between Iceland and China. KIM has always contributed to the mutual promotion of culture between Iceland and China. The society has invited to Iceland a great number of artists and scholars and for 25 years the society was the main forum between Icelanders and the Chinese people. The society has collaborated with the government, institutions, individuals, businesses and various organizations in Iceland on various issues of bilateral relationship. The Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society is among the largest cultural associations in Northern Europe, which engage with China. Within the society there has been built up a very strong knowledge of Chinese society and there is often looked to the society regarding various issues.

In 1976 KIM decided to start issuing a magazine, as proposed by Arnþór Helgason who had been on the Board since 1974. Kristján Guðlaugsson, then chairman, led the first issue together with the editorial board. The magazine was called Austrið er rautt (The East is Red). The cover was designed by Hjálmtýr Heiðdal. The purpose of the magazine was to introduce Chinese culture and views and in those years it was quite political. Austrið er rautt was issued occasionally as a newsletter of the society but the board of KIM had to stop the edition shortly after 2000. Then postal charges had risen too much and the members had become so few that the society did not receive the required discount in the mail.

An exhibition called China and Iceland – friendly exchanges has recently been opened at the library and series of lectures related to it:


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