Requesting love letters!

The National and University Library of Iceland has launched a collection project to collect love letters from Icelanders in collaboration with Sunna Dís Másdóttir, MA-student at the University of Iceland.

We request both old and new love letters, whether they are in the form of original letters, photocopies or email print-outs. The library manuscript department will register the letters and preserve them for future generations.

The manuscript department has collected Icelandic manuscripts since 1846, including diaries, letters, travel accounts and more, which are fundamental primary sources on life, culture and thought in Iceland through the ages.

If the donor wishes, access to the letters can be restricted and information about the sender or receiver need not be known. The following information can be provided if the donor wishes:

  • Who the donor is
  • Relation to the letter (e.g. related to the writer)
  • Names of sender and receiver
  • Information about time and place of writing

We also accept photocopies if you want to keep the original.

Letters can be sent to the following address:
Landsbókasafn Íslands - Háskólabókasafn
Manuscript dept.
Arngrimsgata 4
107 Reykjavik

Electronic love letters, such as emails, Facebook-messages, sms-messages or other forms can be sent to the email address

In May the library will host an exhibitions on selected love letters, in collaboration with the senders. Participation in the exhibition is by no means necessary for participating in the collection project. Further information about the exhibition is provided by Sunna Dís Másdóttir.

The collection project has a facebook-page which we highly recommend.

Further information is provided by:
Sunna Dís Másdóttir – - tel. (+354) 699 3936
Bragi Þorgrímur Ólafsson, historian, library manuscript dept. – - tel. (+354) 525 5676.

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