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Share Certificate for the Women’s House Hallveigarstaðir

The Women’s House Hallveigarstaðir opened its doors half a century ago, on 19 June 1967.

The idea of the house came up half a century before that, shortly after women gained the vote in 1915. There were quite a few women’s groups at that time in Reykjavik and so they gathered to create a federation where they could all come together to strengthen the bond between them and have a venue to cooperate. It soon became apparent that they were in need of a building to house their operations.

In 1923, the Parliament (Althingi) allowed the group of women a plot for the building and shortly thereafter, the women founded a company to build the house and started selling shares to women and women’s association around Iceland. Many of the share certificates are preserved and a few of those are kept at the Women’s History Archive at the National and University Library.

Today three women’s association own and run the home. They are the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association, the Federation of Women’s Societies in Reykjavik and Federation of Icelandic Women´s Societies.

The Women's House, Hallveigarstaðir, houses varied women’s associations today. It stands for the sake of numerous women and women’s associations working for decades for it to be built. It is a symbol of the cooperation and unity of women and their will to promote the good of the nation and to work for public good.

The private collection of the Women’s House Hallveigarstaðir is kept at the Women’s History Archives at the National and University Library.

The file can be viewed here: http://einkaskjol.is/index.php/kvennaheimili-hallveigarsta-ir and here  http://kvennasogusafn.is/index.php?page=hallveigarstadir.

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