Web collection drive for the elections

These days the library is collecting web pages containing information about the upcoming elections. The library collects snapshots of Icelandic web pages on a regular basis, including pages involved in the ongoing political debate, such as the pages of the political parties, candidates, articles, discussion boards, blogs etc. These are preserved on the library data servers for future use and will not be made available right away.

In the future people will be able to browse through the web archives and see how the web pages of candidates, political parties and news media were set up at any given time. The election drive is now done for the third time.

According to the Icelandic law on legal deposit the library has the duty to collect Icelandic web pages under the top-level domain .is and other web pages containing Icelandic materials. A complete snapshot is collected three times a year and certain very dynamic web sites are collected every week. The election drive is more restricted, however, meaning that certain web pages are collected as often as needed over a period of 3-4 months.

Information about sites connected with the Icelandic parliament elections of 2009 can be sent via email to Soffia Bjarnadottir ( Information about the web archiving project of the National and University Library of Iceland can be found at


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