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Martin Luther – CATECHISMVS

Martin Luther – CATECHISMVS

Edur. Ehristelegur[!] Lærdomur, Fyrer einfallda Presta og Predikara, Hwsbændur og Vngmenne.

On 31 October, 500 years have passed since Martin Luther published his 95 theses which caused widespread changes in the issues of christianity, church, society, and culture in northern Europe.

Catechismus was written by Martin Luther and published in Germany in 1529. Translated by Oddur Gottskálksson and first published at Hólar in northern Iceland in 1594, it informed people about the basic elements of Christianity, such as baptism, the Ten Commandments, prayer and confession. This edition was printed at Hólar 1617, 100 years after Luther published his  theses.

The book is available on the link baekur.is


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