Marching for peace

The Campaign against Military Bases in Iceland since 1960

An exhibition at the National and University Library

This summer, 50 years have passed since a group of people marched from Keflavik to Reykjavik for the first time to protest against the military bases in Iceland and the country´s membership of Nato.

The military base in Keflavik was the greatest political controversial issue in Iceland in the second  half of the twentieth century, i.e. since the parliament, Althingi, accepted it on march 30th 1949. That day marked a new era in Iceland with protests in front of the Althingi. The police used teargas against the crowd of people and was asisted by young men from the conservative side of the political landscape.

The marches from Keflavik to the capital became eleven over a period of 30 years and certainly no other political demonstrations at that time caused as much attention and dispute.  These demonstrations reflect the main issues that the icelandic pacifists struggled for in the era of the Cold War.  They emphasized different issues at different times.

The exhibition was organized by The Campaign Against Military Bases (CAMB) and the National and University Library of Iceland. It´s purpose is to commemorate the 50 years anniversary of the peace marches.

The exhibition is open to the general public and the admission is free of charge.

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