A Philosopher at the Library

A philosopher in the form of a sculpture by the artist Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir has moved into the National and University Library. The artist was inspired by Þorsteinn Gylfason, a former professor of philosophy at the University of Iceland who died in 2005, at the age of 63.

The sculpture which is a present to the University of Iceland from Gylfason´s friends will be preserved at the National and University Library. Gylfason bequeathed his library to the National and University Library and now his manuscripts and letters have also been given to the Library.

Although there is a reminiscence of Gylfason in Eysteinsdóttir´s work, A philosopher, it is not a portrait of him. Eysteinsdóttir, who was a close friend of Gylfason, does not use pictures of her models but her memories of and her feelings toward the person in question. So for her the work is rather a testimonial of a man like Gylfason.

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