A new website for digitised books

Yesterday a new website,, opened at the library. On this website users can view digitised versions of old Icelandic books. The collection currently has 50 titles, including large compendia such as Lovsamling for Island (collection of old Icelandic laws) published in 1853 and the Diplomatarium Islandicum published in 1858. The idea is to eventually publish on this website digitised versions all Icelandic books published before the year 1870.The website comes with an interface in both Icelandic and English.

The website meets three goals of the National Library:

  • Making Icelandic cultural heritage and published Icelandic sources accessible on the Internet
  • Increasing the offer of on-demand service to library users
  • Long-term preservation of original copies by reducing the demand for these

As this is a new website, we welcome all comments and suggestions on how to make it better. You can contact us using the email We hope that users will welcome this new website, just like our other sites containing digital reproductions of newspapers and magazines, and manuscripts.

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