Lyðmenntun (finished)

Around the turn of the century the psychologist and philosopher Guðmundur Finnbogason (1873-1944) worked as an educational advisor for the authorities. He travelled in Scandinavia in the years 1901-1902 where he gathered information’s about education in those countries. Based on his finding he wrote Lýðmenntun, where he talks about the value of compulsory education and the status of education for the general people. His pedagogy was a new one in Iceland at that time, based on that idea that every person were gifted with a innate talent and by educating them this talent could blossom. In Guðmundur Finnbogason´s view education could also be a driving force that would improve the social structure of his country and make a better world for generations to come. Lýðmenntun is the ideological base for the laws about compulsory education that were approved in 1907.

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