Appelsínur frá Abkasíu (closed)

Jón Ólafssons´s book Appelsínur frá Abkasíu won the Hagþenkir-prize 2012. Hagþenkir is the Assocation of Icelandic Non-fiction Writers: http://hagthenkir.is/sida.php?id=823

The book is about the disappearnce of Vera Hertzsch and her one year old daughter in Stalin´s Gulag in 1938. The father, Benjamín Eiríksson, never heard from Vera and the child again. Nobel prize winner, Halldór Laxness was in Moscow in 1938 and writes about his experience of Stalin´s Moscow in his book Skáldatími, published in 1963. An exhibiton about Appelsínur frá Abkasíu has been opened in the National and University Library.

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