The Icelandic Feminist Association (finished)

The Icelandic Feminist Association is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. As a part of the celebrations there will be an exhibition at the National and University Library of Iceland to commemorate its history and work. The exhibition opens on Friday the 5th of April, at 4 o'clock.

The exhibit is based on Karen Ásta Kristjánsdóttir and Rósa Björk Bergþórsdóttir's documentation of the Icelandic Feminist Association's history. The research was conducted under the tutelage of Þorgerður Einarsdóttir, Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Iceland and funded by the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund. The exhibition project received a grant from the Hlaðvarpi foundation.

Kolbrún Anna Björnsdóttir is the exhibit designer and curator. Her work for this project is done as a part of her Master's degree in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication at the University of Iceland. The exhibition portrays some of the campaigns and influence of the Icelandic Feminist Association over the past 10 years. Although much has been gained in the fight for equality, the final goal has not been reached, which is for the association to be no longer needed because equality has been reached.

The association looks with pride upon its past while still keeping the focus on the future and invites everyone to celebrate important moments, rejoice over the good work done and make strategies for continuing battles. History is in the making.

The exhibition brochure can be found here.

See further info: http://www.feministinn.is/

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