Private publishing and changing media (finished)

from 1977 to the present

Great changes have taken place in the last decades of the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st regarding art, ways of publishing and the media.

The National and University Library of Iceland started accepting legal deposit of sound material such as records, magnetic tapes and cassettes  when the Law of legal deposit was imposed in the year 1977.  In 2002 movies, radio and television material and works in electronic form were also made the objects of compulsory deposit. The National and University Library accepts all legal deposit material, also casettes, DVDs and electronic/digital material.

Electronic publishing is a growing industry and in order to manage electronically/digitally published material The National and University Library created the database Rafhladan. Very small publishing companies have emerged and blossomed with new ways of publishing during the last decades and publishing gets easier.

The exhibition is a cooperation beween The National and University Library of Iceland,
the Polish-Icelandic ORT Project http://ort-project.eu/o-projekcie-en-gb/ and the festival Reykjavik Reads http://bokmenntaborgin.is/en/reading-initiatives/

Exhibition pamphlet (PDF).

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