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This book was the first historical description of Iceland since Ari fróði´s Íslendingabók (1122-1133) and the first comprehensive book about Iceland’s history. The author, Arngrímur Jónsson, describes the political and cultural history of Iceland, provides an account of recent events, and offers descriptions of the lives of its inhabitants, religion and language. Arngrímur´s Crymogaea is a humanistic work, which, written in Latin, afforded foreign scholars their first opportunity to learn more about Icelandic history. Crymogaea was published in Hamburg in 1609, 1610 and 1614 and thus, 400 years have passed since it´s publication.

The publishing house Crymogea got it´s name from the book: http://www.crymogea.is/

See the 1609 edition on Bækur.is.

See the 1610 edition on Bækur.is.

See the 1614 edition on Bækur.is.

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