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Reduced map of the North Sea

Zusammengezogene Karte des Nordmeeres - Carte reduite de la mer du nord

This map by the french cartographer Jacques Nicolas Bellin appeared originally in an account by the French explorer Yves-Joseph de Kerguélen-Trémarec of his travels in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean 1767-1768. Copies of the map appeared in many books, for example 1774 in the travel accounts Allgemeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande. On the map-web of the National and University Library of Iceland, islandskort.is, there is a map from this book that was published in Leipzig in 1774. Originally the map was published in a book by Yves Joseph de Kerguélen-Trémarec that is preserved in the library, Relation d'un voyage dans la Mer du Nord, Aux Côtes d'Islande, du Groenland, de Ferro, de Schettland, des Orcades & de Norwége, Fait en 1767 & 1768. Paris, 1771.


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The map is the library‘s highlight in June in occasion of the exhibition Kerguélen in Iceland.

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