Paper and vellum manuscripts (closed)

An exhibition on paper and vellum manuscripts has been opened in the National and University Library of Iceland. The Manuscript department is responsible for this exhibition which includes various examples of vellum and paper manuscripts. The vellum was often preserved because it was reused as a cover for paper manuscripts. The noteworthy manuscript „ Colic leaf“ is one of the objects in the exhibition, the only one of its kind preserved in Iceland. The leaf is a vellum strip with a text or a prayer against colic or arthritis and it is believed that such leaves were fairly common in its time, but they were confiscated or burned in the witch hunts in the 17th century. The strip was used for protection and was most often tied around the patient. It is probably from around 1600.  Many other replicas of vellum leaves are in the exhibition along with manuscripts from later times. The exhibition will stay open during the summer.

Exhibition brochure (PDF)

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