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English Psalter ÍB 363 8vo

A beautifully decorated fragment of an English Psalter written (c. 1300) in Latin on vellum. The leaf contains the text of Psalms XXXVII, 14 – XXXVIII, 6. In the top left corner of the verso is an illuminated historiated initial D, burnt in gold, that shows Mary and Jesus receiving the Wise Men from the East and their adoration of the Magi. The recto has several line fillers ornamented with heads of men and animals all of which end in a leaf decoration. The Psalter has been separated and used for bookbinding; in all, there are 32 vellum leaves in Iceland that derive from this Psalter, a work apparently traceable to Skálholt. It is likely to have come to Iceland from the Benedictine priory at Carrow near Norwich some time after 1538; during that period sailing between England and Iceland went mainly through Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. A replica of the manuscript is now on the manuscript department´s exhibition.

The Psalter catalog entry can be viewed on Handrit.is.

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