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Gunnar Gunnarsson: Úr ættarsögu Borgarfólksins (The Story of the Borg Family)

The first novel of Gunnar Gunnarsson that raised awareness was Af Borgslægtens Historie (The Story of the Borg Family / Guest the One Eyed). In 1915 the first two volumes were published in Icelandic and the latter two volumes in 1918. At the age of 18 Gunnar Gunnarsson (1889-1975) moved to Denmark where he studied at Askov Folk High School for two years. He then decided to become a writer and struggled to make a living out of it for several years. In 1912Ormarr Örlygsson, the first part of his four part Icelandic family saga, Af Borgslægtens Historie [Guest the One-Eyed], was published in Danish. The second (Den danske frue på Hof) and the third (Gæst den enøjede) volumes were published a year later, followed finally by Den unge Ørn in 1914. Guest the One Eyed enjoyed huge success in Denmark and Gunnar became a celebrated writer. His novel tells the story of two sons; one is torn between his art and the call of the soil while the other is a demonic evil-doer. In 1919 Gunnar´s novel became the first of such Icelandic narrative to been filmed.

Here you can see an excerpt from the film. Guðmundur Thorsteinsson (Muggur) is in the role of Ormarr Örlyggsson (Icelandic Filme Centre): http://www.kvikmyndavefurinn.is/films/nr/128

Here you can read the book: http://baekur.is/is/bok/000150986/1/11/Ur_aettarsogu_Borgarfolksins_Bindi_1_Bls_11

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