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Vice-Lavmand Eggert Olafsens og Land-Physici Biarne Povelsens Reise igiennem Island, foranstaltet af Videnskabernes Sælskab i Kiøbenhavn

Eggert Ólafsson (1726-1768) and Bjarni Pálsson (1719-1779) received a special grant from the Danish government to travel around Iceland for five years from 1752 in order to investigate natural phenomena, describe the general condition of the inhabitants, and make proposals as to how best to improve their condition of life. Their findings were published in Danish in 1772, German in 1774, French in 1802 and English in 1805; the volume was published for the first time in Icelandic in 1943. This work represents the first authoritative and comprehensive description of Iceland and Icelanders. The book is on display on the exhibition Books from printing presses, that will be open in the library until the 6th of September.

Here you can read the first edition of the book in Danish:


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