Slaying of the Basques in Iceland in 1615 (finished)

On the 21 September 2015 an exhibiton on the Slaying of the Basques in Iceland in 1615 was opened in the library on the occasion of the 400 years commemoration of these events. This is a travelling exhibition that has been on four places in Iceland this summer and also in the Basque country, Spain. The Icelandic Basque Association produced the exhibition in cooperation with the Etxepare Institute, Center for Basque Studies, Barandarian Chair for Basque Studies, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culturen in Iceland, funds in the Westfjords of Iceland and the National and University Library of Iceland. On the exhibition there are three manuscripts of “A True Account of the Slaying of the Basques” by Jón Guðmundsson the Learned, that is preserved in total in nine manuscripts in the library. Sigrún Antonsdóttir wrote the exhibition text and the exhibition is a part of her MA thesis in culture communications at the University of Iceland. Guillermo Zubiaga made the drawings.Úlfur Kolka designed the exhibition. The exhibition will be open until 21 October.

The exhibition can be viewed here:  http://baskavinir.is/english-2/

Brochure (PDF)

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