Halldór Laxness´ Nobel Prize for literature 1955 (finished)

On Tuesday 27 October 2015 an exhibition opened at the library commemorating  the 60 years  anniversary of Halldór Laxness being  awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. The exhibition is a cooperation of Gljúfrasteinn – the Museum of Halldór Laxness, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV)and The National and University Library of Iceland.

Various documents and papers from Halldór Laxness´s archives preserved in the library are exhibited, along with objects from Gljúfrasteinn and the Nobel Prize itself which is kept in the Central Bank of Iceland.  RÚV has created a special website dedicated to Halldór Laxness´ Nobel Prize. The website can be accessed on a touch screen in the exhibition area: :http://www.ruv.is/frett/60-ar-halldor-laxness-og-bokmenntaverdlaun-nobels

Writer Þórarinn Eldjárn wrote the texts of the exhibition but the team managing the exhibition are Guðný Dóra Gestsdóttir, Bragi  Þ. Ólafsson and Ólafur J. Engilbertsson.  The exhibition will be open until 31 March 2016.

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