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The National and University Library of Iceland´s website

Webpages and other material published or made accessible on the Icelandic part of the world wide web, i.e. in the national domain .is, along with other material published in other domains in Icelandic or by Icelanders, is preserved by The National and University Library and made accessible on the domain vefsafn.is.  The plan is to copy everything on the Icelandic web three times a year. A copy is made of the domain .is but programmes are excluded. It is as if a snapshot is taken from the Icelandic web as it stands at that point. When special events take place in Icelandic society, e.g. national elections, a continuous collection is made of domains covering those events, but only while they take place. The first such collection was created during the municipal elections in 2006 and the latest collection was made during the parliamentary elections last month.

The oldest preserved web of The National and University Library is from November 1996, thus making it 20 years from the time this web appeared on the domain bok.hi.is:


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