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Elsa Sigfúss sings Silent Night

Among Icelandic musicians Elsa Sigfúss (1908-1979) is probably the one who published most albums.  Around 120 albums with her singing have been released. Elsa Sigfúss was the daughter of composer Sigfús Einarsson (1877-1939) and Valborg Einarsson (1882-1985) who was Danish (b. Hellemann). Elsa was born in Reykjavík but moved at an early age with her family to Denmark and lived there all her singing career. Her albums were almost all published for the Danish market. She was the first Icelandic woman who recorded a Christmas song, the hymn Silent Night, published by His Master´s Voice on a 78rpm record in 1945. The tune was composed by Franz Grüber (1787-1863) and Sveinbjörn Egilsson (1791-1852) composed the lyrics. Bjarki Sveinbjörnsson at the Iceland Music History Museum took care of the digital transfer.

The song is available at the Sound Library of the National and University Library of Iceland:


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