Conference room* 1 day ISK 40,000
1/2 day ISK 24,000
1 evening ISK 20,000
All equipment included
Lecture room* 1 hr ISK 3,000
Small offices   Winter/Summer
1 month ISK 7,500/6,000
1 month w/computer ISK 10,000/8,000
Lockers Deposit ISK 3,000
Library card** yearly fee ISK 1,800
for lost card
ISK 600
Overdue charges
books ISK 40/day
audiovisual material ISK 300/day
study library books ISK 300/day
Interlibrary loans* Books from the Nordic Countries ISK 2,400
Books from other libraries abroad ISK 3,600
Books from libraries in Iceland ISK 1,200
Article photocopy
1-20 pages
ISK 1,200
Article photocopy
>20 pages
ISK 2,400
Lost material minimum ISK 8,000
Photocopying and printingUnitPrice
Photocopier cards sold in reception 5 unit cards ISK 100
20 unit cards ISK 400
60 unit cards ISK 1,200
100 unit cards ISK 2,000
ISK 1,000 deposit for every card
Photocopies from manuscripts and national collection Each copy ISK 60
Digital photography Each photograph ISK 6,200
Printing from computer A4 ISK 30
Double-sided A4 ISK 50
Other servicesUnitPrice
Copies from web archive ( Base fee ISK 9,900
Work per hour ISK 7,500
Finding sources
(see eyðublað)
Base fee (1 hr) ISK 9,900
Work per hour ISK 7,500
Cataloguing services Each work ISK 2,000
Filming facilities (includes preparations and on-site assistance) ISK 18,000/hr

* There is a 50% discount on these services for the University of Iceland
** Library cards are free for students and faculty of the University of Iceland