The library building is a prominent feature in Reykjavik, situated close to the University of Iceland and the National Museum. There you'll find excellent facilities for research and study with easy access to holdings.

Reading desks

Tables for working are found on all floors of the building. There are 430 individual reading desks in the library. On the 3rd and 4th floors there are also group tables for up to 4 people. Tables cannot be reserved but users can hold them while leaving for up to one hour by setting a dial. During exams at the University of Iceland, students have priority access to certain marked desks on the 3rd and 4th floors. The tables in the reference section on the 2nd floor are for people using the reference works which can only be consulted on site. Circular desks for group work are also found there. Talking is allowed in this area. Reading desks on the 1st floor are for people using the manuscript and national collections.

Computers and Internet

There are several computers available on the 3rd and 4th floors. They have access to electronic resources, Leitir.is (OPAC), and Microsoft Office software. Students of the University of Iceland can log in with their university credentials and access their file server. They can also access the Internet.

There is a WiFi hotspot in the building that anyone can access with laptops, tablets or phones. Users with an Eduroam account can use it to access the Internet when logged on to library computers. Anyone can access the Internet on two computers on the 2nd floor with an access code available at the service desk.

Reading rooms and group study rooms

There are 26 individual reading rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. These are for researchers, graduate students and people working on specific projects that require access to the library. 5 of these rooms have computers with access to Microsoft Office software, the Internet, etc. You can apply for a reading room by filling in a special form (please have a look at the price list). 

There are 3 group study rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors that can seat up to 6 or 10 people. These rooms can be booked via our booking system.

Printing and photocopying

When using the library computers users can print their work (for a fee) using a printer situated by the service desk on the 2nd floor. The printed document is handed over by the staff (see the price list). Students of the University of Iceland can use the username and password provided by the university registration services and buy a printing quota there that they can use in the library as well.

There are photocopiers on all floors of the library. These are self-service machines operating with special cards that can be bought at the service desk (see the price list). Please look at the Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) organisation Fjölís' rules for photocopying from written work. 

Microfiche readers

Microfiche readers are found on the 3rd floor and by the reading room on the 1st floor. Parts of the newspaper holdings are still only available on microfiche.

Storage lockers

There are 150 small storage lockers are for guests to store their working documents. Keys are available at the service desk for library card holders for a fee (see the price list). Storing library material in the lockers is forbidden unless it was previously signed out via the library system. It is forbidden to store library material meant for on site consultation. Never store food in the lockers.


There is a security gate at the main entrance to prevent unauthorised taking of library material. Surveillance cameras are situated in many places in the library. The library does not accept any responsibility for guest property that is lost or stolen within the library.