Library services with limitations


The National and University Library of Iceland is open with limitations due to the current assembly bans.

  • Opening hours:

    • Weekdays 8:15-19:00

    • Saturdays 10:00-17:00

    • Closed on Sundays.

100 guests are allowed in the library building, Þjóðarbókhlaða, at the same time. Seats are available for the following number of guests on each floor.

  • Fourth floor – 40 seats
  • Third floor –  40 seats
  • Second floor – 0 seats
  • First floor –    20 seats 

Protective masks are required, except when sitting at a desk.

Guests need to announce their arrival to staff members situated at the front desk by the entrance when entering the building.

At this front desk books can be returned. 

Guests disinfect tables, keyboards, and copiers they use, before and after use. Disinfectants are provided on each floor.

The sitting area close to the Library café on second floor is open.

Group study rooms and group working area are closed.

Following services are or not available:

  • The Library café – Háma is closed
  • Group study rooms are not available for booking
  • Please note that it´s not possible to leave the building and keep a seat
  • Computers and printing for the public are not available
  • It is only possible to be where seats are available, and we ask guests not to travel between floors

Library staff reserve the right to close or vacate areas as needed. If guests do not comply with the rules above, they may be asked to leave the building. 

Remember to wear protective masks and respect the 2 metre rule!

Please notice the following about the library’s services:

The library web chat service is open from 9:00 – 16:00 Mon - Fri.

The library´s main phone number is 525-5600 and email

To contact the service desk:

E-resources can be especially useful when searching for sources during this time. All information about access to e-resources (databases, journals and books) subscribed to by the library and/or the University of Iceland can be found at

Some materials are in National access but others only available to students and staff at the University of Iceland. Those are accessible with VPN connection to the network of the University.

To contact Icelandic National Collection, Manuscript Department and The Women´s History Archives

Last updated January 18, 2021


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