Legal Deposits

The National and University of Iceland is the national library of Iceland. One of the main roles of national libraries is to collect exhaustively all material that is published in that particular country, preserve it for the future and make is accessible for everybody that wishes to use it for information and research.

For this purpose, most countries have created legislation which specify that the national library and, in some cases, other parties, hold the duty to preserve this cultural heritage.

The present legislation came into effect on January 1, 2003, but legislation on legal deposits has been in effect as early as 1886. In this new legislation it is specified that publishers, printing offices and other duplicating parties are obliged to deliver a specific number of items to the National and University Library of Iceland for preservation. Legal deposits also cover material which is produced in a foreign country for the Icelandic publishers.

Legal deposits to the National and University Library of Iceland cover all material published on paper, microforms and transparencies, sound recordings, electronic material, material published on general computer network and compound material. Legal deposits of electronic material covers as an example webpages, and the Library has the duty to collect those and preserve in the same manner as other material.

Publishers/authors of digital material shall send in a digital copy through the web-portal of the Library. Along with this delivery should be included information on the access to the material and it should be possible to check those documents that should be closed. See further information on the web of the portal: Electronic deposits: Electronic deposits. Preferable the material is delivered in PDF format and/or EPUB-format. Material which is permitted to publish is made available through Rafhlaðan.

Further information on legal deposits is to be found on the following pages:

Legislation on Legal Deposits no 20/2002
Regulations on Legal Deposits no. 982/2003
Guidelines on legal deposits


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