Ingólfur Guðbrandsson

Entrepreneur in the field of music education and choir music, founder and conductor of the Polyphonic Choir

Exhibition in the National Library

06.03.2023 - 08.10.2023

On March 6, 2023, an exhibition was opened in the library about Ingólfur Guðbrandsson's pioneering work in the field of music, but that day was the 100th anniversary of his birth. Ingólfur's descendants and the Polyphonic Society handed over data to the Music Museum on this occasion. −

Ingólfur Guðbrandssonwas an entrepreneur in the field of music education and choir music. He was as a teacher at the school Laugarnesskóli from 1943 until 1957. He established there the tradition that still prevails at Laugarnesskóli that all students come together for morning singing. In 1956, he was appointed director of studies in music by the Minister of Education. He published the book Fimmtíu fyrstu söngvar (Fifty first songs) and took on school management at the Children´s Music School. In 1957, he founded the Polyphonic Choir, that was operating for three decades and had concerts both in Iceland and abroad.

The exhibition runs until October 1.


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