The Library has published several works in relation to happenings and exhibits organized in the Main Building (Þjóðarbókhlaða). The journal Ritmennt was published until the year 2006 when its publication ceased. It is still possible to purchase older issues at the Library.


Adoption of RDA cataloguing rules in Iceland: January 1, 2015- May 20, 2016., october 2016. (PDF – 5 Mb) [In Icelandic]

Digital culture: the findings of an Enumerate-survey on digital material within cultural institutions 2014. Report, March 2015. (PDF – 2.3 Mb) [In Icelandic].


Ritmennt: The Annual of the National and University Library of Iceland] was a journal published in Icelandic as a follow-up of Árbók [the Yearbook] and appeared in 1996-2005. The contents can be accessed through hér. Copies of the printed journal can also be purchased at the Library.

Árbók Landsbókasafns Íslands [the Yearbook of the National Library of Iceland] was published annually 1945-1994. The contents can be accessed through tí, for the former series here (1945-1975) and the second series here (1975-1994).


The Book of Magic

An illustrated publication with texts, published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Library in 2004. [In Icelandic]

Price IKR 5.900


Hallgrimur Pétursson, Hymns of Passion

Deluxe edition of a facsimile edition of an autographical copy of the Hymns of Passion in the author´s own writing.

Price: IKR 9.800


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