House rules

The library is open to everyone who follows these rules: /p>

  • Library users should respect generally accepted norms of good behaviour towards fellow library users and library staff.

  • Food or drink is forbidden in the library except in the Library café or facilities for packed meals on 2nd fl.

  • Water in closed containers is permitted in reading areas except in the reading hall on the 1st floor (Íslandssafn).

  • Please observe silence on 1st, 3rd and 4th floors

  • It´s not permitted to reserve individual study spaces. If a table has been unused for an hour or more, the staff is permitted to clear it.

  • According to a contract with the University of Iceland it´s students hold priority of marked study spaces on 3rd and 4th floor during examination periods.

  • Unregistered items should not be locked in study rooms or lockers. Please borrow materials at the circulation desks.

  • Library property requires careful handling. Please do not hang coats on window shields.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the library. This includes electronic cigarettes.

  • Use of alcohol is strongly forbidden in the library.

Library staff can dismiss anybody who does not observe the library rules.

Approved by the executive board on October 8th 2018.