General Library Rules

The Library is open to everybody that follows the following rules: /p>

  • The Library users are encouraged to take good care of the Library; follow general standards of behaviour and show consideration to other users.

  • The consumption of food or drink is forbidden outside the restaurant and facilities for packed meals on 2nd floor.

  • It is permitted to carry water in closed containers in reading areas on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor./p>

  • On 1st, 3rd and 4th floor there should be total silence. No telephone conversation, no loud discussions.

  • It is not permitted to reserve study tables. If a table is unused for an hour or more, the staff is permitted to empty the table.

  • According to a contract with the University of Iceland the students of the University hold priority of marked study tables on 3rd and 4th floor during the examination periods.

  • Unregistered documents should not be locked in the study rooms or in lockers. Make sure to borrow material properly in your name.

  • To not hang coats on the window shields that are too week for that. Use the back of your chair or the wardrobe on 2nd floor.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the Library, also e-cigarettes.

  • Use of alcohol is strongly forbidden in the Library.

The staff has the permission to dismiss anybody that does not obey the library rules, annoys other visitors and creates disturbance.

Rules passed by the Executive Board on October 8, 2018