HVSS-POSTilla, EDVR EINFALLDAR PREDIKANER Yfer øll Haatijda og Suñudaga Gudspiøll Aared Vmm Krijng

Jón Vídalín (1666-1720), Bishop of Skálholt, wrote these sets of sermons that were published 1718-1720. Named after the author, Vídalínspostilla or Jónsbók, this book became one of the most widely read in Iceland over the following century and a half. Vídalínspostilla contained sermons for each day in the liturgical year — they could be read out loud at home. Jón Vídalín´s approach was that of an indignant preacher who sternly points out everyone´s sins. He relied on the following writings in the making of the Vídalínspostilla: Harmonia Evangelica by Chemnitz, Leyser and Gerhard and on The Practice of Christian Graces or the Whole Duty of Man by Allestree.
With its popularity among the general public, Vídalínspostilla contributed to the preservation of the language and also had a great influence on the nation's morality.

Vídalínspostilla can be viewed on the web baekur.is

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