In memory of Guðbergur Bergsson


In memory of Guðbergur Bergsson (1932-2023), several of his books and one manuscript are now on display in the library. Guðbergur's first book was the novel Músin sem læðist, which was published in 1961. Tómas Jónsson bestseller, which was published five years later, attracted considerable attention and is often considered the first modernist novel in Icelandic. Guðbergur received the Icelandic Literature Prize for the novel Svanurinn (The Swan) in 1991. The book has been published in many languages, including in Czech in 1993, translated by Ivo Zelezný. Guðbergur has translated a number of outstanding works of literature from Spanish, including One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Márquez, which was published in Icelandc in 1978. He handed over a manuscript of his translation of that book to the National and University Library of Iceland in 1981. It now bears the collection mark Lbs 4618 8vo. This is only a fragment of the story, but this is also the only manuscript of Guðbergur's work preserved in the library.



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