The National and University Library receives donations which strengthen the library collection and are in line with its acquisition policy. Those who want to donate material to the Library should prior to a delivery, contact the correct intermediary of the Library. Considerable costs are incurred by the reception, cataloguing and storage of library material and therefore it is necessary to be aware that the donations should benefit the users. The Library accepts Icelandic material and material related to Iceland if there is no prior copy available in the Library or if a second copy is necessary. The Library also accepts material which supports the special subjects of the University of Iceland or is of benefit to the research community.

Dispositions of donations

The Library holds the right to dispose of donations as is the case with other library materials, as it seems fit. The same rules apply on the use, location and weeding of donations as is the case with other material. In the case of large donations, it is more convenient for the Library to select items from the offered collection in the home of the donor or his/her office. If the material is very special the Library frequently requests the services of a specialist in the field to assist with the selection. The donors can, if they so wish, recall items from the donation that are not included in the collection within a specified period of time. At the end of this period the Library can dispose of the books to others or destroy them. The donors can request a list of the items that are incorporated into the collection.

The Library does not accept…

The Library, in general, does not accept second copies of books that are already in the library collection, individual numbers of journals, journals available through electronic subscriptions, outdated textbooks or handbooks and material in a form that is inaccessible. Books that are dirty, with scribbles and in bad conditions, are not accepted.

Reception of donations

The most common means of delivery are informal unless the donations are especially extensive or valuable. Then it can be a question of a formal delivery in cooperation with the donor and the Library. In all cases, the donations are formally received by the Library. For possible donation, a contact with the appropriate intermediary is the first step.

Contacts for donations

For books and journals: Magný Rós Sigurðardóttir, tel. 525-5721, gjafir (hja)
Private archives and manuscripts: Staff of the Manuscript department, tel. 525-5678, handrit (hja)
Audio-visual department: Bryndís Vilbergsdóttir, tel. 525-5774, bryndisv (hja)


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