Electronic material

The Library also preserves material published in electronic form or on a general open computer network. Such material is preserved in Rafhlaðan, a electronic repository and on Tímarit.is. Material covered by legal deposit is, as an example, e-books, reports, magazines, newspapers, sheet music and many other things.

Material published both printed and in electronic form must be delivered in both forms, according to the Legislation on Legal Deposits. The same applies to different editions, new or changed.

Who shall submit the legal deposit?

The publisher and/or the producer is responsible for submitting the legal deposit.

Method of delivery

The delivery of material should be done through the Library’s electronic delivery box, which can receive up to 500 MB in one file.

Electronic material can also be submitted through the email address: rafhladan(at)landsbokasafn.is
Attachments that are larger than 60 MB must be delivered through the electronic delivery box.

Material can also be received through cloud-services such as WeTransfer, Dropbox etc., but only if very large files and/or many files are submitted at a time.

Material can also be delivered on USB sticks or on CD-ROMs. Such items can be sent through mail or can be delivered to the service desk of the Library, marked “Legal Deposit”.

The submission shall be accompanied with information on the access to the material, if it is to be open or in closed access for a predetermined length of time.
The material must be on PDF-format, ePub or Mobi format. The DRM (Digital Rights Management) must be removed from the e-books for those to be catalogued. This also applies to material that is to be in closed access. PDF-files of magazines, newspapers and newsletters shall be delivered in good quality, (printing-quality) and without cutting lines.

All questions on electronic deposits should be directed to skylduskil (at) landsbokasafn.is.



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