Printed material

Works published on paper must be submitted through legal deposit which covers all books, sheet music, reports, booklets and all magazines and newspapers, maps and many other things. The works can be printed, duplicated or copied by many other means.

How many copies should be submitted?

Works published on paper should be submitted in four copies. The National Library preserves three copies and the Municipal Library of Akureyri (Amtsbókasafnið á Akureyri) preserves one.

Works published in less than 50 copies should be submitted in two copies.

New editions should also be deposited, as well as reprints (when it is indicated in the new work that it is a reprint or when the new print shows some production changes, such as a new cover, binding or type of paper).

When a work is published both bound and as a paperback, four copies of each type should be submitted. Accompanying material, such as CD-ROMs, floppy disks, cassettes, maps or videos is covered by the Legal Deposit Act and should be submitted together with the main work.

Who should deliver the material?

The duty of delivery is in the hands of the producer, i.e., the printing office, the duplicating office or the bookbindery, when works are produced in Iceland. If it is not clear who is the producer or when deposits are not carried out properly, the receiving library can make a claim to the publisher or to the individual in charge of the distribution of the work to submit the legal deposit material.

When work is produced abroad, the publisher is responsible for submitting the deposit.

A special notice is here in order that material produced by public institutions, such as schools, hospitals, social agencies or research institutions should also be submitted through legal deposit.

Method of delivery

Material can be delivered by mail or delivered to the service desk of the Library, marked “Legal deposit”.


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