Library websites

The library is party to many online services. Below you will find links to websites connected with the library:

Digital reproductions Digital reproductions of old Icelandic books. [IS][EN]
Europeana Digital reproductions from many European libraries. [IS][EN][..] Catalog of Icelandic manuscripts with digital reproductions. [IS][EN][DA]
Maps of Iceland Historical maps of Iceland. [IS][EN]
Sound Archive Music and other sound recordings at the library. [IS][EN]
Tí Newspapers and periodicals from Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. [IS][EN][FO][GL][DA]

Digital archives

Bibliography 1534-1844 Detailed Icelandic bibliography from 1534 to 1844. [IS][EN]
Doctoral Theses A register of doctoral theses by Icelanders. [IS][EN]
Einkaskjöl Electronic access to private archives in the library.
Find Journal A directory of e-journals available nationwide or in the University area and the library. [IS][EN][..]
Keywords Keywords and proper names used in the Icelandic OPAC. [IS][EN] Icelandic consortium for e-journals and databases. [IS][EN]
Icelandic National Bibliography Icelandic National Bibliography with statistics for the past years. [IS][EN]
Icelandic Web Archive A web archive for the top-level domain .is. [IS][EN]
Ismus Icelandic music, folklore and heritage. 
Leitir A PRIMO search portal for many digital repositories in Iceland, including the Icelandic OPAC. [IS][EN]
Opin vísindi Open science - a digital repository for Icelandic universities and research institutions.
Rafhlaðan For the legal deposit of born digital material. [IS][EN] Repository of academic and research papers from Icelandic universities. [IS][EN]
Translated Sagas A catalog over published translations of Icelandic sagas. [IS][EN]


Center for Oral History The Icelandic Center for Oral History is a research and collecting center within the library. [IS]
Hallgrímur Pétursson About Hallgrímur Pétursson and his Passion Hymns. [IS]
HASK Handbook for catalogers of the national OPAC. [IS]
Jónas Hallgrímsson About the Icelandic poet Jónas Hallgrímsson. [IS]
Konur og stjórnmál History of women's suffrage in Iceland. [IS]
Kvennasögusafn Íslands The Women's History Archives at the library. [IS][EN]  About Open Access (OA) in Iceland and the world.
The music museum Collection of Icelandic music memorabilia, sheet music and information about Icelandic musical heritage.