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China and Iceland – friendly exchanges – lectures and events at the National Library



On Tuesdays, during lunch-break, the National and University Library of Iceland offers a series of lectures and events about friendly exchanges between China and Iceland.  The series is organized by the National and University Library of Iceland in cooperation with the Embassy of the People´s Republic of China in the Republic of Iceland, the Northern Lights Confucius Institute of the University of Iceland and the Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society. The series is connected to an exhibition in the National and University Library, see:

The agenda of the series is as follows:

17 January at 12-13: Egill Helgason introduced the film „14 ár í Kína – Mynd um Ólaf Ólafsson kristniboða“. A documentary film about the missionary Olafur Olafsson that dwelled in China 1921-1935. In Icelandic.

24 January at 12-13: Qi Huimin at the Confusius Institute spoke about the Kunqu Opera." In English.

31 January at 12-13: Hjálmar W. Hannesson the first ambassador of Iceland in Beijing, 1995-1998 talks about his years in China. In Icelandic.

7 February at 12-13: Ólafur Egilsson ambassador in Beijing 1998-2002 talks about Chinese-Icelandic relations. In Icelandic.

14 February at 12-13: Arnþór Helgason spoke about the Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society. In Icelandic.

28 February at 12-13: Magnús Björnsson spoke about the Northern Lights Confucius Institute of the University of Iceland. In Icelandic.

7 March at 12-13: Unnur Guðjónsdóttir talks about "China, land of changes".     

14 March at 12-13: Oddný Sen tells about her grandmother that dwelled in China in the thirties. In Icelandic.

28 March at 12-13: Zhang Weidong ambassador of China in Iceland speaks about Chinese tea customs: "How to drink Chinese Tea and Tea ceremony ". The lecture will be held in English. There will also be shown a short documentary about Chinese tea-culture and two artists will perform Tea Ceremony at the end of the lecture. Guests will get a chance to taste the tea made by the artists.



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