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Women´s History Archives: Annual Morning Meeting


This morning, December 5, Arnheidur Steinthorsdottir, graduate student in history delivered a presentation on her Bachelor's thesis “When women took over the radio”. In addition to Arnheidur's presentation, Anna Drofn Agustsdottir Programme Director for Theory at the Department of Design and Architecture at IUA and Lóa Auðunsdóttir Assistant Professor in Visual Communication at the same department, gave a talk on their current and ongoing research on the visual aspects of Icelandic women’s movement. 

Ragnhildur Holmgeirsdottir, head of the Women's History Archives, pictured with this morning's lecturers.

Many guests attended the meeting which was held on Anna Sigurdardottir´s birthday - she was the founder and first head of the Women's History Archives.



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