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The PROSE Award


Last summer Elsevier of Oxford published an eight-volume scholarly work, Comprehensive Renewable Energy. The work covers all aspects of renewable energy and one of the volumes, edited by professor Þorsteinn I. Sigfússon, is dedicated to geothermal energy.

Last week in Washington the American Publishers' Association announced that the work had been awarded the prestigious PROSE Award for large encyclopædic works.

The work is more than 4000 pages long and the geothermal volume is around 300 pages. This volume mostly contains articles by Icelandic scholars, such as Guðni Axelsson, Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, Ólafur Flóvenz, Gylfi Páll Hersir, Kristján Sæmundsson, Sigrún N. Karlsdóttir, Halldór Ármannsson, Þráinn Friðriksson, Helga Kristjánsdóttir, Ásgeir Margeirsson and Þorsteinn I. Sigfússon. Other authors of this volume include Ronald diPippo, Lad Rybach og John Lund.

The library has received the work for conservation in the Icelandic collection. During a presentation at the library, Þorsteinn I. Sigfússon said that the PROSE Award was an acknowledgement of the leading position of Icelandic scientists in this field.

Some of the Icelandic authors: from the left: Helga Kristjánsdóttir, Þorsteinn I. Sigfússon (editor), Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, Ólafur Flóvenz, Sigrún N. Karlsdóttir, Þráinn Friðriksson, Halldór Ármannsson, Kristján Sæmundsson and Ingibjörg Sverrisdóttir, national librarian.



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