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Policy for 2013 – 2017


The National and University Library of Iceland has published a brochure explaining the Library´s policy 2013-2017.

Early in 2013 the National and University Library of Iceland started work on a new policy. The purpose was to develop guidelines for the employees of the Library while focusing on the Library’s activities for the years to come. The Executive Board of the Library, along with the Human Resources Manager, led this work and carried out the necessary coordination of ideas in shaping the new policy. Mr Sigurjón Þórðarson, from Gekon Consultants, guided the work in the beginning, participated in the organi­zation of the work and chaired the meetings.

In forming the policy, there was extensive consultation and meetings were held with employees, main cooperative partners and stakeholders of the Library and a special meeting was held with a group of students from the University of Iceland. Since the Board of the Library has a advisory role to the National Librarian in policy development it was also instrumental in the policy work, attended meetings and studied the policy documents in different stages of development. Several documents were used as background material, such as the National Library Act from 2011, the Library Act that was passed by Althingi at the end of 2012, a Parliamentary resolution on cultural policy from 2013, Governmental policy on the Information Society from 2013, documents from the Consortium of Icelandic Libraries (Landskerfi) and Iceland Consortium for Electronic Subscriptions (Landsaðgangur), besides considering the developments in the library field around the world.

The new policy is based on the former policy from 2009-2013. The emphasis then was on services, electronic solutions, collection and organization of electronic material, as well as cooperation. The new policy will continue along the same track as previously but more emphasis will be placed on research, innovation and changes in the use of the Library’s premises. 

The policy document outlines 61 strategic items for the next few years, divided into eight general categories. To accomplish this, 213 projects, big and small, have been defined. Many of the projects are interdisciplinary and call for cooperation across different fields of the Library; others are a logical continuation of older projects. In the future they will be linked to the annual project-plans and implemented.

The policy brochure can be found here.



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