Books from printing presses (finished)

Exhibition in the National Library

The history of printing in Iceland

In the exhibition „Examples of books from printing presses“ there is a copy from every printer in Iceland since printing began in Iceland around 1530. There are 137 books and booklets from the collection of Svanur Jóhannesson, in addition to remarkable books privately owned or owned by The National and University Library of Iceland. In the exhibition there are also a few books that have been translated into Chinese. Those are owned by Bjarni Harðarson, Svanur Jóhannesson and The National and University Library. Following his collection and in connection with the exhibition Svanur Jóhannesson published a book, Prentsmiðjueintök -  prentsmiðjusaga Íslands, with information on printing presses and editions.

Brochure (PDF)

The exhibition will be open until the 6th of September.


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Outsiders? (closed)

Outsiders? (closed)

Exhibition in the National Library

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