The Icelandic National Collection preserves everything that is published in Iceland. Besides books, journals and newspapers the Collection also preserves so-called paraphernalia.

This paraphernalia can be everything from a one-page publication to a thick brochure from car dealers or everything on flagstone laying. It covers booklets, travel brochures, time tables, guidelines, advertisements, manufacturing descriptions, sales catalogues, price lists, poems, funeral print, single sheets, theatre programmes, exhibit catalogues, post cards, Christmas cards, playing cards, diaries, pocket books, Ex libris, diaries and poster.

The user-groups for this material is broad, but most of it are authors and biography-writers who are writing trade-history, unions- or business history, local history and they study the paraphernalia to look at photos from advertisements, news-briefs, music catalogues, price lists or posters to use in works that are being written.

These prints can only be borrowed to the Reading Room like other works in the Icelandic National Collection.


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