Interlibrary loans

The Library provides to its users, books and journal articles from other university- and research libraries. Books are not borrowed from the Reykjavik Public Library or public libraries in the Reykjavík area. It should also be noted that the Library of the Parliament and the libraries of government ministries lend books only to their reading rooms. Books that are accessible in the Library are not circulated through interlibrary loan except to other libraries. Users can order books and articles from search results from by signing into the system.

If material is not found, the users must request a form, by clicking on interlibrary loans “millisafnalán” on the page of . Then a form opens for ordering a book or an article. All required fields must be filled out (*) and then you must select National and University Library from the available list of library-options “bókasafn”. This does not require registration. Requests are binding and items that are not picked up will always be charged to the person’s library card. Registered users can keep up with the situation of their requests in My pages “Mínar síður”.

Waiting period and return date

Waiting period can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the material. For an article, the waiting period is two days in general and the minimum is one week for books. Loan period for books that are borrowed from a foreign library is mostly three to four weeks. Teachers and staff of the University of Iceland receive the articles by internal mail, but students and other users need to pick up the articles from the circulation desk. Books need to be collected by everybody from the service desk.

Icelandic libraries

Icelandic libraries can request interlibrary loans from the National Library. It can be done directly through When the material that is to be ordered is found one must go to the menu bar and call up send „senda“ and then email „tölvupóstur“. In a new window which then opens up, the request for interlibrary loans is placed beneath „efni“ and then by adding the email millisafnalan (hja) In notes, one should list the name of the library which makes the interlibrary loan order and the email address.

Fees for interlibrary loans

See the fee structure of the Library. Cost of material for teaching and research of staff member of the University of Iceland is put onto the account of the department, institution or research topic and is collected twice a year. Invoices to companies and institutions are sent out quarterly.


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