Law and Regulations on the Library

In the Law on the National and University Library no. 142/2011 the role of the National and University Library is specified. It is the National Library of Iceland as well as the Library of the University of Iceland, and as a research library it must provide information services for all people in Iceland in the field of science and other disciplines, public administration, economics, art and culture.

See also Regulations about the Library no. 170/2014.

According to the Law on Legal Deposits nr. 20/2002 the National Library receives copies of works that are published or issued in Iceland. This is done with the purpose that these items are preserved for posterity, to create a complete catalogue on these works and make those available for information and research.

See also Regulation on Legal Deposits to libraries, nr. 982/2003.

See also Law on Libraries nr. 150/2012.


Cooperative Contract with the University of Iceland

Cooperative Contract with the Department of Library and information Science.


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