Library café

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the Main Library and seats about 100 people. The restaurant provides a variety of food and drink. It also offers different services, such as coffee or lunch in meeting rooms, afternoon receptions and/or a banquet at the end of a meeting.

The restaurant of the National Library makes an effort to process ingredients on the spot. Bread is baked every day from high quality raw material. Flour, spelt, and oat meal is at the centre of the bread making. Fresh yeast is used, and no sugar is used for the bread. The soups are based on vegetable purée made from fresh vegetables. No meat, fish or milk-products are used for the soups.

Sandwiches are made daily and in those we use only fresh and good quality raw material. Almost all our cakes are baked on the spot and we favour old Icelandic recipes.

Fish and meat is brought to the house, fresh and much attention is made on the quality of the meat products, cuts and fish to guarantee the quality of the raw material. Every day there is a menu of the day, with a dish made from meat, vegetable or fish.

Ægir Finnbogason runs the restaurant, as well as the staff cafeteria. He is a master-chef and he has worked in other restaurants, such as Jonatan Livinston mávur, REX and Hotel Holt.

Further information is given by Ægir Finnbogason, master-chef. Email: aegirf(at), Tel: 5255660.