The Library is the Library of the University of Iceland and according to a service contract signed with the University, the students of the University hold a priority on study carrells on 3rd and 4th floor during examination periods, and many other services. The students also receive a library card free of charge and they receive many services for half-price, such as interlibrary loans, and rental of facilities (see the Library ‘s Fees).

Handing in of final thesis of the University of Icelands

Skemman is a digital repository for final thesis of students of the University. A student who plans to graduate from the University of Iceland must hand in a digital copy of the final thesis for Skemman, see Article 54 of Rules for the University of Iceland no. 569/2009. The purpose of Skemman is, among other things, to open scholarly material to as many people as possible and the students are encouraged to keep their thesis open to the public. Some departments have set their own rules concerning access to final theses and the students are advised to familiarize themselves with the procedures and other instructions concerning the final thesis in their department. Besides a copy of the thesis, the student must hand in to Skemman a declaration on what type of access is permitted.

Instructions on the deposits of material to Skemman.

Doctoral dissertations shall be deposited into the digital repository Opin Vísindi Repository (e. open science).

Instructions on deposits into Opin vísindi.

In the guide: Good practises in teaching and examinations at University of Iceland, Article 7, it says: “Students are completely forbidden to use the intellectual property of others in their thesis and projects, without citing those according to standard procedures of scientific methods.” The University of Iceland uses the programme Turnitin as a protection against plagiarism and as a support for scholarly writings and many departments require that the students deposit their final thesis in Turnitin.

Guides in English (Áttavitinn)

Guides in English on the library's web include instructions on information search, bibliographic reference and the use of databases, along with links to many types of information material. Special guides are available for many subject areas.

Other libraries of the University of Iceland

The Library operates a library for the Legal Department of the University of Iceland, located on the 3rd floor of Lögberg. The School of Education has its own library in Stakkahlíð and the Health Science Library of the National Hospital and the University of Iceland is located at Eirbergi, the National Hospital by Hringbraut.

Services to distance learning students

Students registered for distance learning at the University of Iceland hold the same rights and duties concerning library use as other students, and an effort is made to provide them with comparable services. Distance learning students outside the capital region can have books sent to them by mail and the Library pays the postage one way. Requests for book dispatches can be sent by email to utlan (hja) or by contacting the Circulation Department by telephone 525-5681. Preferably the users select a password at the service desk of the Main Library (Þjóðarbókhlaða) or from another library before registration to to make reservations of material on loan, order interlibrary loans, renew their loans, etc.